Queer Hymns

Tagged: the church’s position challenged

A lonely tear
Arise, shine out, your light has come
As from the tomb stepped Lazarus
Beyond a gentle tolerance
Bring the feast to every hillside
Christ, who throughout these forty days
Dear God, Parent of Humankind
God of change and glory
God of queer transgressive spaces
God, we bless you for our freedoms
Great love, your loveliness is signed
Guide us to openness
Help us trace your rainbow colors
How shall we find you
It’s time to believe out loud
Jane has a gift for the altar
O God the great all-seeing eye
O God, hear our cry from the depth of our pain
O God, in your love
Of the multitude of words
The church of Christ in every age
The times have been tough
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy
Till all the jails are empty
We are not going away
We limit not the truth of God
We limit not the truth of God (adapt.)
When bodies join and souls combine
Who will stand forth
Within the manger of our minds