Queer Hymns

Tagged: inclusion

A lonely tear
All are welcome
All the colors of the rainbow
As colors in the sky
As from the tomb stepped Lazarus
As if in the upper room
Beyond a gentle tolerance
Break not the circle
Bring many names
Bring the feast to every hillside
By water and the spirit
Can you see Christ
Children are welcome
Christ the healer, Christ the host
Circle of Love
Come, let us welcome
Dear Christ, uplifted from the earth
Dear God, Parent of Humankind
Dear mother God
Doesn’t seem to be, but that’s the way it is
Draw a wider circle or, perhaps, erase
Earth is our homeland
God loves us in mysterious ways
God of change and glory
God you invite us
God, let your gathering note be sounded
God, the stillpoint of the circle
God, we bless you for our freedoms
God-among-us in the faces of your children everywhere
Goddess of love
Great love, your loveliness is signed
Guide us to openness
Help us accept each other
Help us trace your rainbow colors
Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit, come!
How can we follow Jesus Christ
How shall we find you
In the desert where they’d wandered
In this holy place we gather
It was upon a moonlit night
It’s time to believe out loud
Jesus, partner, lover, friend
Let there be light
Love makes a bridge
Love makes a bridge
Mine is the church
My love colours outside the lines
O Christ who came
O God, hear our cry from the depth of our pain
O God, in your love
O liberating Rose
Of the multitude of words
Our God’s a river
Precious Lord, in my need
Princes, Paupers, Royal Children
Sacred the body God has created
Shall we hearken to the kin-dom
The arc of history
The church of Christ in every age
The love that goes unspoken
The Teacher came to earth
There is room in God’s great welcome
There’s a welcome in the wooden
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy
This is our Father’s world
This is the day that God has created
Though the Spirit’s gifts are many
Through all the world, a hungry Christ
Till all the jails are empty
Travelers’ child laid in a manger
Voice-over God, our Lover and Creator
Walls mark our boundaries
We are a gentle, angry people
We are the church alive
We are the singers
We gather round the table now
We gather together
We limit not the truth of God
We limit not the truth of God (adapt.)
What are those bells that call to us
When bodies join and souls combine
When Israel camped in Sinai
When Jesus summoned Lazarus
When our confidence is shaken
Who is my mother
Who is my neighbor?
You first were laid in a manger
You said you’d come and share all my sorrows