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Hymns are listed by first line; where a hymn has a title that differs from its first line, the title is denoted with a *.

First line or title Suggested tune(s)
A gift for the altar* [no tune name]
A Hymn of Reconciliation* REST
A lonely tear [no tune name]
A place at the table* A PLACE AT THE TABLE
All are welcome TWO OAKS
All the colors of the rainbow ABBOT’S LEIGH
All-loving, embracing, God of our hearts ST. DENIO (JOANNA)
Alleluia! Sang stars DOXOLOGY (Rickey)
America the Beautiful* MATERNA
And are we yet alive DENNIS
Arise, shine out, your light has come CIRCLEVILLE
As colors in the sky NEW WAYS
As if in the upper room THINE
Be for us a model [no tune name]
Behold, I Gather All to Me* EL CONDOR PASA
Believe out loud* [no tune name]
Beneath the shadow of the cross CLAIRVAUX
Beyond a gentle tolerance ALL IS WELL
Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine ASSURANCE
Break not the circle ST. CLARE, ROBERT, or YADDO
Bring many names WESTCHASE
Bring out the festal bread GILU HAGALILIM
Bring the feast to every hillside FEAST
But for your flesh ROOTS RUN
By gracious powers MOYERS
By water and the spirit HOLY PEOPLE
Can you see Christ DREAM ANGUS
Carol of the Transformed God* [no tune name]
Cast thy bread upon the waters AGAWAM
Chant for the Seasons* PRAHA
Children are welcome ASSURANCE
Children of the rainbow promise
Christ is risen! Lo, the day SUNRISE
Christ our health WESTMINSTER ABBEY
Christ the healer, Christ the host THINE
Christ, who throughout these forty days ST. FLAVIAN
Circle of Love [no tune name]
Come, Holy Spirit* [no tune name]
Come, let us welcome UNION
Come, thou long-expected Jesus HYFRYDOL
Come, welcome Christ in every face HEREFORD or MY EASTER
Creation of Peace* [no tune name]
Dear Christ, uplifted from the earth McKEE
Dear God, Parent of Humankind REST
Dear mother God FRANKLIN
Doesn’t seem to be, but that’s the way it is [no tune name]
Draw a wider circle or, perhaps, erase NOËL NOUVELET
Draw the circle wide* BROWNING (Light)
Earth Day Hymn* TERRA PATRIS
Earth is our homeland SYMPHONY
Eternal One, thou living God LITTLEFIELD
Feast of Love* ROOTS RUN
First they came [no tune name]
For All the Children* [no tune name]
For everyone born, a place at the table A PLACE AT THE TABLE
For the goodness of our bodies SPRUCE KNOB
For Those Tears I Died* CHILDREN OF THE DAY
God loves us in mysterious ways DUNDEE
God made us from one blood ST. DENIO (JOANNA)
God of change and glory KATHERINE
God of queer transgressive spaces ERIE or HARRISONBURG
God of the earth, the sky, the sea! DUKE STREET
God we gather as your people [no tune name]
God you invite us SLANE
God, let your gathering note be sounded RENDEZ A DIEU
God, the stillpoint of the circle BROWNING (Light)
God, we bless you for our freedoms FREEDOM’S CHOICES
God-among-us in the faces of your children everywhere NETTLETON or BEACH SPRING
Goddess of love MITULSKY
Good for the world [no tune name]
Great love, your loveliness is signed TIMBER RIDGE
Guide us to openness FAITHFULNESS
Hatidi* [no tune name]
Hear our prayer, O Holy God GETHSEMANE or ENGLAND’s LANE or DIX
Hearts on Fire* THINE
Help us accept each other PENDLETON
Help us trace your rainbow colors STUTTGART
Holy Spirit! Holy Spirit, come! [no tune name]
Holy Spirit, Truth divine CANTERBURY
Hope of the world BRANDYWINE or VICAR
How can we follow Jesus Christ SALVATION
How shall we find you CHHE LI, ST. JOHN’S CHURCH
I can hear His music in my soul [I can hear His music in my soul]
I look to thee in every need O JESU
I Will Never Turn Away* BEACH SPRING
I’m Not Afraid Anymore* [no tune name]
In Christ we live O WALY WALY
In sure and certain hope ICH HALTE TREULICH STILL
In the desert where they’d wandered BEACH SPRING
In the midst of new dimensions OURS THE JOURNEY
In the Shadow of Your Cross* PESCADOR DE HOMBRES
In this holy place we gather HYMN TO JOY
It was upon a moonlit night CAROL
It’s not enough [no tune name]
It’s time to believe out loud [no tune name]
Jane has a gift for the altar [no tune name]
Jesus loves me, this I know JESUS LOVES ME
Jesus, partner, lover, friend HILDEN
Joyful people, come and worship
Just as I am, without one plea WOODWORTH
Just as the rainbow COLORS OF HOPE
Lead on, O sacred Spirit LANCASHIRE
Let all mortal flesh show reverence PICARDY
Let there be light CONCORD
Life of ages, richly poured EVELYN
Lo! He comes with clouds descending HELMSLEY or ST. THOMAS (Wade) or REGENT SQUARE (Smart)
Lord, thy word abideth CHESTERTON
Lord, we come to ask your blessing SUGAR GROVE
Love makes a bridge RIVERTON
Many gifts, one spirit* KATHERINE
May the rainbow always touch your shoulder STAR OF BLESSING
Mine is the church [no tune name]
Miriam’s song we’ll echo now EVELYN
My love colours outside the lines [no tune name]
Now thank we all our God for giving our love voices NUN DANKET
Now the Welcome* THINE
Now, on land and sea descending VESPER HYMN
O Christ who came LONDONDERRY AIR
O come, O come, Emmanuel VENI EMMANUEL
O God the great all-seeing eye MORNING SONG
O God, hear our cry from the depth of our pain ST. DENIO (JOANNA)
O God, in whom we live and move PERRY STREET
O God, in your love ST. DENIO (JOANNA)
O God, the Giver of all good NEW YORK
O God, we bear the imprint of Your face SMITH CREEK
O liberating Rose INITIALS
O Spirit, spring of hidden pow’r JESOUS AHATONHIA
O, beautiful for spacious skies MATERNA
Of the multitude of words JUDY GAP
On a ship that has no charted course [no tune name]
On my honor* [no tune name]
Once we were not a people KING’S LYNN
Our God from Zion shines! LEONI
Our God is Like an Eagle* WEBB
Our God’s a river EIN FESTE BURG
Our song we sing in praise of God EL CONDOR PASA
Ours the journey* OURS THE JOURNEY
Praise the Lord* [I can hear His music in my soul]
Precious Lord, in my need PRECIOUS LORD
Princes, Paupers, Royal Children ROCK ISLAND
Questions—Still Unresolved!* VICAR
Quirky, queer, and wonderful ROYAL OAK
Reconciling People* [no tune name]
Sacred the body God has created RUDDLE
Shall we hearken to the kin-dom BEAUTIFUL RIVER
Sing a new world into being HYMN TO JOY or NETTLETON or RAQUEL
Sing and Be Glad* SENECA
Sing out praises for the journey WESTMINSTER ABBEY
Singing for our lives* SINGING FOR OUR LIVES
Stand up* [no tune name]
Strong Word of God INVERCARGILL
Summertime has turned the starwheel PRAHA
Summoned by the God who made us HYMN TO JOY or NETTLETON or HOLY MANNA
Surprised by joy O WALY WALY
Survivors* [no tune name]
The arc of history McKEE
The arching sky of morning glows TALLIS’ CANON
The Bells of the Season* TRURO
The body of Christ, the bread of heaven
The church of Christ in every age FT. SEYBERT or CHURCH TRIUMPHANT
The feast of life is sweet FESTAL SONG
The love that goes unspoken LLANGLOFFAN
The summer days are come again FOREST GREEN
The Teacher came to earth [no tune name]
The times have been tough [no tune name]
There is room in God’s great welcome HOLY MANNA
There’s a welcome in the wooden I WONDER AS I WANDER
There’s a wideness in God’s mercy WELLESLEY
This is our Father’s world TERRA PATRIS
This is the day that God has created SENECA
Though the Spirit’s gifts are many HYFRYDOL
Through all the world, a hungry Christ DE TAR
Till all the jails are empty ANTHEA or WORK TO DO
Tis winter now; the fallen snow QUEEN’S CROSS
To Light, that shines in stars and souls ANTWERP
Touching Jesus* PRECIOUS LORD
Travelers’ child laid in a manger MISSISSIPPI or REFUGEE (Pulkingham)
True union is a gift from God TYLER BROWNE or WINCHESTER OLD
Villancico del Dios transformado* [no tune name]
Voice-over God, our Lover and Creator FINLANDIA
Walls mark our boundaries PENROSE
Walls of color [no tune name]
We are a gentle, angry people SINGING FOR OUR LIVES
We are not going away [no tune name]
We are the church alive CHURCH ALIVE
We are the singers LOWENBERG or SHEARER
We Are Your Soil* DU ÄR HELIG
We cannot make an easy, safe distinction INTERCESSOR
We gather round the table now NEW BRITAIN
We gather together KREMSER
We limit not the truth of God CLOMNEL
We limit not the truth of God (adapt.) ST. ANNE
We sing a love that sets all people free WOODLANDS
We’ll build a land [no tune name]
Welcome in the name of Christ ST. GEORGE’S WINDSOR
Welcoming God* ASSURANCE
What are those bells that call to us TRURO
When bodies join and souls combine THORSON
When heaven’s voice was still ENTRY MOUNTAIN
When illness meets denial and rejection FRIENDS RUN
When Israel camped in Sinai WEBB
When Jesus looked from Olivet WHEN JESUS WEPT
When Jesus summoned Lazarus ONEGO
When love is found UPPER TRACT or O WALY WALY
When our confidence is shaken JULION
When our lives know sudden shadow HARPER’S CHAPEL
Who are we? — Lord, we are yours! DU ÄR HELIG
Who is my mother BUFFALO HILLS
Who is my neighbor? WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR?
Who will stand forth VICAR
Within the manger of our minds KLINE
Word made flesh! REGENT SQUARE
Word of Welcome* HYMN TO JOY
You first were laid in a manger PESCADOR DE HOMBRES
You said you’d come and share all my sorrows CHILDREN OF THE DAY


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